The temple of Rukshamani, the incarnation of Lakshmi and wife of Shri Krishna is situated outside the town boundaries 2 km away. There is also a story behind this anomaly as one day Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Rukshmani visited Rishi Durvasa to invite them to Dwarka. While the Sage agreed to their invitation, he laid a condition to only join them if both Krishna and Rukshmani drove his chariot to which they agreed. As they were approaching Dwarka, Rukshmani was thirsty and so Krishna pressed onto the ground so Holy Ganga can share its water. When Rukshmani took a sip, Rishi Durvasa got agitated that as a guest, he was not offered water first and cursed the couple that they will live separately ever after. Hence, there is no mention of Rukshmani in the main temple complex but has a separate temple in the outskirts. An important point to note here is the immaculate art work on the centuries old temple which is visited both by indian and foreign tourists.

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