Dwarka is the only town in India which is a part of the holy 4 (Chardham) and holy 7 (Saptapuri) making it an important pilgrimage for Hindus. This is the town where Krishna spent a major part of his life as Dwarkadhidh. Lord Krishna also left his human form for his heavenly abode from a place near Dwarka. Dwarka is also known as Dwaramati or Mokshapuri and is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. It is situated on the Gomti River which connects eventually to the Arabian Sea.

The locals of Dwarka are a vibrant mix of Brahmins, the Vaghers (warrior tribe) and Lohanas or the business community. Since Dwarka has been home to Dwarkadhish, Janmashtami is the one of the biggest festivals celebrated here. This is closely followed by Holi where scores of devotees visit Dwarka from across the country and seek blessings of Shri Krishna or Dwarkadhish the King of Dwarka as he is fondly known.