It is important to realize that Dwarka has a lot more to offer than just religious tours. The town is lined with some of the most pristine beaches for tourists to experience unadulterated natural beauty. Beaches at Momai, Shivrajpur and also Mithapur are sights to behold especially early in the morning and during sunsets.

This part of the region is an important breeding ground for foreign migratory birds like Flamingos and Pelicans. The birds can be found in huge flocks across the various salt pans in the region of Tata Chemicals. Beaches like Poshitra are also famous for their marine life and pearl harvesting.

The coastline of Dwarka to Porbandar is also an important center for breeding sea turtles. There are government promoted centers on the beach where turtle eggs are preserved, protected and nurtured. Baby turtles are then transferred to the sea shore where they rush towards their natural habitat and create a successful conservation story.