We have tried to cover all the major aspects of your visit to Dwarka on this website. In addition to that, we have attempted below to cover majority of your queries regarding your visit to Dwarka and the surrounding regions.

Kindly refer to the Frequently Asked Questions listed below. For further queries, please reach out to us on 83558 08036 or write in to visitdwarka@gmail.com

Q. How to reach Dwarka?

A. Dwarka is very well connected with roads and railways. There are direct trains from North, East and South India on a weekly basis. It is also well connected via Bus from major cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Jamnagar

Q. What is the best season to visit Dwarka?

A. While it can be visited in any season, best time is from September to March. Though one can visit till June/ July also till the monsoon sets in

Q. What are the prominent places to visit in Dwarka?

A. Apart from the main temple, Dwarka has several places of prominence like Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, Gayatri Mandir, Bet Dwarka and more. For further information, please click here.

Q. What is the climate like in Dwarka?

A. Dwarka has a very pleasant climate over the entire year due to its proximity to the sea. The summers and winters are mild with the former having high level of humidity and the latter having windy evenings. Evenings in summer are very pleasant with orange skies and cool sea shores

Q. How are you expected to dress in Dwarka?

A. Dwarka has a very modern outlook to how people dress and hence you will find tourists visiting the beach in shorts while ladies in their comfort western wear.

In the temple premises though, shorts are not allowed, we also suggest female tourists to dress conservatively

Q. How are the lodging and accommodation options in Dwarka?

A. Dwarka has a wide variety of options for tourists to stay across every budget level starting from Dharamshalas, Lodges, Hotels and Resorts. Apart from that, there are a lot of local options where tourists can enjoy homemade healthy and hygienic food

Q. Are there any other tourist spots around Dwarka?

A. The region of Dwarka and surrounding in Saurashtra is blessed with natural beauty. Depending on the amount of days one wants to spend, there are several options to unwind and spend some quality time.

We offer customized trip plans which cover places in and around Dwarka as well as other nearby attractions like Somnath and Gir, famous for the Asiatic Lion. You can get more information here.

Q. What are the best modes to travel in and around Dwarka?

A. Dwarka has an excellent network of internal roads and a decent number of Rickshaws or TukTuks to take you around the city. One can also walk around the city as at times it is a faster option. We suggest to wear comfort shoes so that it does not become tiresome. To visit places outside of Dwarka, there are abundant private vehicles which are available across budgets. We do provide with several such options depending on the areas to visit, number of passengers and type of vehicle preferred

Q. What are the temple rules one needs to keep in mind?

A. One cannot enter the temple premise carrying cellphones or cameras. Photography is strictly prohibited within the temple premises. To deposit the same in a safe place, there is a facility provided by the temple administration so that devotees can take their Darshans without any worry of their valuables.

Q. What are the major routine rituals of Shreeji within the main temple?

A. Starting from morning till afternoon and then evening, there are several rituals like aarti, bhog and stuti which are executed by the temple pujaris. These rituals are keeping in mind the day of a mortal human like the Mangla Aarti in the morning or the Raj Bhog during lunch hours and the Shayan Stuti at the time of temple closure

Q. How can one get the temple Prasad?

A. The temple administration has a very well defined process for devotees to take Prasad of Shreeji. There are also several options available and one can even contribute for Shreeji Bhog by contacting the temple administration which is present within the premises of the temple. We also facilitate online dispatch of Prasad to devotees basis their requests

Q. What are the best food options in Dwarka?

A. Dwarka has a lot of options for visiting devotees to have a satisfying meal. Options starts with budget places providing sumptuous meals in Rs 20 to restaurants and fast food joints. There are also options with Punjabi, Chinese and Continental cuisines alongside the quintessential Gujarati Thali across the city restaurants

Q. What are the best shopping options in Dwarka?

A. When in Dwarka, tourists shop for traditional wear and bandhanis without fail. Apart from that, devotees also bring home small kanhas (lala) and also vastras of different designs. Another major attraction are 3D potraits of Shri Dwarkadhish with different shringars of Shreeji

Q. What are other activity options for tourists visiting Dwarka?

A. Dwarka has several pristine beaches where families can spend a quality time. There are Camel rides for kids, snack vendors and designated picnic spots around the beach. Apart from that, if one wants to spend some silent time to meditate, there is a 24 Hour Sankirtan Mandir where Ram Dhun is sang continuously since several years now

Q. Can I hire a guide? How can one get a guided tour of Dwarka?

A. Dwarka has a very elaborate system of guides of Pandaaji as they are known. They facilitate for local rituals, poojas and other religious activities within the premises. They can also guide you for site seeing tours in and around Dwarka. This system is pre-defined across various castes of the countries and there are designated people who can host the tourists of those castes. We can help you get connected to the right people who can further help you not only for your religious needs but also overall trip in and around Dwarka