The Sharda Peeth in Dwarka is one of the 4 prominent peeths or areas of learning established by the Aadi Sankaracharya. The Sharda Peeth was established in the 8th Century AD. Apart from Dwarka, there are similar peeths in Jyotirmath, Sringeri and Jagannathpuri. These were used as places of learning of the Advaita Vedanta, which is a school of Hindu philosophy & religious practices and a path towards spiritual realization.

All the Sharda peeths or muths now have their own Sankaracharya who is a learned scholar and a disciple of his predecessor. Currently the Sankaracharya of Dwarka is Swami Swarupanand Saraswati who is also the Sankaracharya of the Jyotirmath or Joshimath.

The Sharda Peeth has significant contribution towards the renovation and expansion of the Dwarkadhish temple which makes it an inseparable part of its modern day history. Today, the Sharda Peeth complex is part of the main temple providing devotees a glimpse of the Aadi Sankaracharya era. There are Ved shalas(School for spiritual learning) along with other related activities being carried out in the muth campus.