Dwarka was developed by Shri Krishna after leaving Mathura following the slaying of the tyrant Kansa. The father in law of Kansa, King Jarasangha, constantly battled with Lord Krishna to avenge Kansa’s killing, which compelled Krishna to move to a more peaceful land with the entire Yadav clan. Dwarka meaning the ‘Gates to Heaven’ was built on a land received as a boon from the sea.It is believed that after Krishna’s death the city was washed away under the sea. This has been found to be true after recent archeological surveys that discovered several structures below the sea.

Dwarka’s modern history is as interesting as its ancient one. The region is home to the Vagher tribe which is considered as the modern lineage of the original inhabitants of Dwarka. The warriors of the tribe waged wars against the Gaewkwads of Baroda and British rulers for their independence and individualty. Some prominent names from the tribe of warriors were Jodha Manek and Mulu Manek. While eventually the Gaekwad – British armies prevailed the tribe gave a tough fight to their rulers using guerilla warfare techniques.