Nageshwar Jyotirling: This is situated at a distance of 16 Kms from Dwarka. It is the 10th Jyotirling among the 12 spread across the country. This Jyotirling is said to be situated in Darukavana, a forest named after Daaruki a demoness in the region. Legend suggests that the temple was built by a devotee that was imprisoned by the demoness. Today the temple complex has an 85 Ft tall Shiva statue which on clear days is visible from the temple top of Dwarka.

Bet Dwarka: This is an island situated 3 Km of the coast of Okha, a town approximately 30 Kms from Dwarka. The island in shape of a conch; a lot of conch shells are also available on its shore which in turn give the island the name of Shankhodhar. This island is considered part of the holy abode of Shri Dwarkadhish and has its mention in ancient scriptures. Here too like Dwarka, several archeological surveys have established its origins in the Indus Valley Civilization period with several findings of artifacts under the sea bed. Religiously this island has an amalgamation of beliefs with the prominent temples worshipping Dwarkadhish and Hanumanji (Hanuman Dandi) along with a Gurudwara dedicated to Shri Guru Gobindsinghji’s  beloved brother Mohakamsinghji and also a couple of Dargahs of Hajipir and Kirmani. There are beautiful beaches lining the island with the most prominent one named Dunny Point which is a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian Sea. This location is developed as an ecotourism hot spot with several stay on tents made available during the summers for tourists.