Dwarka has several places scattered around the town apart from the main temple complex that are a must visit in every devotee’s list.

Gomti Ghat: Gomti ghat is an extension of the temple complex and is 56 steps below the main temple ground floor level. It is the bank of the Gomti River which meets the Arabian Sea eventually and is lined up with small and big temples along its ghats. On the opposite bank of the Gomti river is Panchtirth where it is believed that the Pandavas performed penance post their defeat in the gambling against Kauravas. It can now be reached via the newly constructed Sudama Setu which is a major tourist attraction in its own respect.

Rukshmani Temple: The temple of Goddess Rukshamani, the incarnation of Lakshmi and wife of Shri Dwarkadhish is situated 2km outside the town boundaries. Goddess Rukshmani was exiled to a temple away from the main temple as the result of a curse from Sage Durvasa. The story of the curse is an important part of the history of the temple. Another important feature of the temple is the immaculate art work on the construction which ages back to many centuries. This is a temple that is visited by Indian as well as foreign tourists.

Gayatri Mandir/ Light House complex: This area is more famous for a mix of religious and leisure outings where you experience amazing views of the sea along with its soothing breeze. The temple complex has idols of Goddess Gayatri among others and a Yagnashala to facilitate yagnas and hawans. The complex is maintained by the Gayatri Parivar and also has a well maintained comfortable guesthouse to accommodate tourists and other devotees.